Tips on Picking the Right Paleo Foods

The key to succeeding in Paleo Dieting is by picking and cooking the healthy foods that have been listed in the Paleo Diet Food list. You don’t even have to count calories. What is essential is that you eat the right types of food.

Because the diet emphasizes consuming foods that existed during the Paleolithic era – or the age of cavemen – it strictly does not allow the consumption of agricultural products such as grains, potatoes, legumes and dairy products, commercially processed foods, salt, vinegar and sugar. The diet itself is low in carbohydrates and high in protein and fiber.

Let us take a closer look at the foods that are specifically allowed in the Paleo Diet…


Unlike other diets that drastically reduce the intake of meats, the Paleo Diet actually allows that you eat meat. This would include pork, chicken, beef, fish, poultry and eggs. When it comes to beef, it is best to get the meat from cows that have been allowed to graze freely in pastures. Contrary to claims that the Paleo Diet is high in fats, advocates strongly advise that lean meats should only be consumed and that all fats should be carefully trimmed off. Frying and deep frying meats is also prohibited in the Paleo Diet. They are best broiled, roasted, or sautéed with natural (not hydrogenated) oil.

Fruits and Vegetables

The Paleo Diet emphases a much larger intake of fruits and vegetables. Practically all types of fruits and vegetables are allowed in the diet program. Great vegetables that come highly recommended in the Paleo Diet are carrots, collards, celery, bell peppers, lettuce, kale, artichokes, and eggplants. If you are conscious about the fats you consume, you can minimize your intake of avocadoes. Fruits are the best alternatives for those who want sweet foods. They contain natural sugars which are slower to break down by the body, compared with refined sugars. If you are diabetic, however, you might want to consult with your doctor on just how much fruits you should take.


Nuts like chestnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts and more are permitted in the Paleo Diet. The only exception is the peanut which is actually a legume and not a nut.

Prohibited Foods in the Paleo Diet

There are a number of foods that are prohibited in the Paleo Diet. Among them are grains such as rice, wheat, oats, rye, and barley because of their high carbohydrate content. Obviously, foods that are made from grains, like bread, pasta and flour, are also not allowed in this diet. Legumes like beans and peanuts are restricted as well. Also prohibited are potatoes and yams, on account of their high carb content. Dairy products like milk, cheese, butter, yogurt and ice cream are also not allowed. Definitely processed foods are a big no no in the Paleo diet. So don’t expect to eat bacon, salami or bologna in this program. Last but not least, the use of salt, sugar and vinegar is restricted in the Paleo diet. Healthier alternatives are used in place of these food seasonings.





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