The Paleo Diet: Is It Right for You?

If you ask a Paleo Diet advocate if this particular diet is a great way for you to lose weight, they will most likely answer “Have you ever seen a FAT caveman?” Obviously the answer is no. But is it justified that you go on the Paleo Diet on this basis alone?

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 Anthropologists and paleontologists who have studied what life could possibly be like during the Paleolithic period all agree that overweightedness and obesity are not serious health concerns. The reason for this is that primitive humans back then are always on the go, moving as bands or tribes in search of food and shelter. Since they are always active – hunting and moving from place to place – there is very little chance for their bodies to accumulate excess pounds and calories.

Foods are also limited to what they could hunt and gather. When it comes to hunting, naturally, this would include wild game, birds, fish and seafoods. Because they have no knowledge yet of agriculture and how to grow their own foods, they instead gather easy-to-reach fruits, vegetables and roots. Also, cooking techniques have not been developed way back then, so that primitive man primarily ate their foods raw.

Basically, these are the foods that are included in the Paleo Diet – lean meats, game birds, fruits and vegetables. You will not find cereals, grains, dairy foods and other agricultural products in a Paleo Diet menu. Also, the diet strictly excludes processed and pre-packaged foods. It also restricts use of salt, sugar and other vinegars.

Because of the many restrictions, weight watchers are not inclined to try out this diet. However, both doctors and nutritionists have come out with studies on the effectiveness of the Paleo Diet. Because of its low carbs and fats, and high proteins, it is very effective for people who want to lose weight, build muscles, or just want to improve their health. In fact, many proponents have been advocating the Paleo Diet as the best diet for athletes.

However, there are also some medical professionals who don’t readily believe the claims made by Paleo Diet proponents. They have said that the Paleo Diet is not a balanced diet. They are also not agreeable with the high servings of meat, because of the fat content. One argument that Paleo Diet proponents have been making in favor of this diet is that it prevents the development of chronic degenerative diseases. However, anthropologists have pointed out that the reason that such diseases were not prevalent among Paleolithic man is because they lead a very active lifestyle, prompted by frequent migrations and searching/hunting for food. Indeed, life was very different during the Paleolithic era compared to our Modern era wherein technological conveniences have led to people’s adopting a sedentary lifestyle.

If you are uncertain if the Paleo Diet is right for you, it is always best to consult with your doctor. He or she can perform a thorough health evaluation to determine if you need to be under such a restrictive diet. You also need to consider your personal preferences. Because of the highly restrictive nature of this diet plan, you may not find it appealing to eat foods that are raw or not as flavorful.

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