The Paleo Diet: Does It Work?

Weight watchers, who are looking for new diet programs to try out, have been expressing skepticism about the Paleo Diet. With so many restrictions in this program, a lot of people have been asking “Does this diet really work?”

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For starters, the Paleo Diet works on the theory that man’s digestive system has not yet evolved to the state that it could digest many of the processed foods that are being consumed at present. For this reason, it is necessary to practically go back to the “basics”, meaning you eat the foods that cavemen used to consume.

This primarily consists of fresh lean meat (preferably organic or from free range, grass-fed animals), fish and seafoods, fruits and vegetables, nuts and healthy oils. Because agricultural techniques were non-existent then, grains, potatoes, legumes, and dairy products are not included in this diet. Other restrictions include processed foods that are high in preservatives and other additives, salt, vinegar and sugar.

The diet also requires that you make healthier substitutions to the unhealthy foods that you are eating today. For example, if you love to eat hamburgers, do not buy burgers from fast food restaurants. Prepare the burger yourself using grass-fed meat. Do not put the patty between slices of bread. Instead, eat it with a healthy vegetable salad.

Those who have tried out the diet have attested to losing a significant number of pounds within a few months. Since the Paleo Diet program comes with an exercise regimen, advocates have been able to achieve their weight loss goals by eating right and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

They have also noted a number of other health benefits as well. First, it helped to improve their digestion. It also helped to boost the immune system, so that they are less likely to develop infections, such as the common cold. Patients with chronic diseases like heart disease, hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, and gout have discovered a marked improvement in their condition since starting on the Paleo Diet.

It should be mentioned though that many of these supposed health benefits are largely testimonial. There is very little scientific evidence to prove these claims.

If you believe that the Paleo Diet can help you with your weight loss goals, it is best that you do some research on the program. There are a lot of resources on the Net about this diet program. You can also buy books on the subject by chief proponent Dr. Loren Cordain.

If, in the course of your research, you become more interested in trying out the Paleo Diet, consult first with your doctor. He or she can best determine whether you can benefit from this program or not. Your doctor will also need to take into consideration if you have are currently suffering from other medical conditions.

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