The Essentials for Succeeding in Paleo Dieting

Despite the popularity of Paleo Dieting today, there are still many individuals who have not found weight loss success in this radical diet program. To those who are still unfamiliar with this diet program, Paleo dieting involves eating foods that were gathered and hunted by Stone Age man during the Paleolithic Era. This era is prior to the development of cooking and agricultural techniques, so that excluded in the Paleo list are grains, legumes, potatoes and dairy products.

It is largely because of this highly restrictive diet that most dieters have not found success. Aside from not knowing which are the foods that are allowed in this diet program, they don’t know the right way of cooking them so that they could get the maximum benefits.

Let us take a look at the main essentials for succeeding in Paleo Dieting…

Get a Copy of the Paleo Diet Food List

The Paleo Diet Food list is a comprehensive listing of all the foods that you are allowed to eat in this diet program. You can find this lengthy list in numerous Paleo resources on the Internet. As was mentioned earlier, this list does not include grains, legumes, potatoes, and dairy products. Other foods that are not included in the list are pre-packaged and processed foods, salt, and vinegar.


Having a good fridge and cupboard is essential for Paleo dieting so that you can stock up on the healthy foods that are permitted by the diet program. Proper storage will ensure the freshness of your ingredients. Also, it has the added advantage of preventing you from cheating on your diet if you find yourself suddenly out of Paleo food. So make sure that you stock up your fridge and cupboard with all Paleo essentials.

Find a Good Paleo Shop

Try to check out your local shop if there are any stores that sell Paleo foods and/or ingredients. If there are no such shops in your locality, better purchase all food items from groceries that sell organic food. Take note that organic meats and vegetables can be very expensive. In the absence of a Paleo or organic shop, you can make the extra effort to grow organic vegetables yourself especially if you have space in your garden or backyard.

Buy a Paleo Cookbook

One of the most common misconceptions that people have about the Paleo diet is that the foods are not delicious because of the absence of seasonings. Truth to tell, however, there are thousands of delicious Paleo recipes that alternate salt and vinegar with healthier seasonings. Invest in a Paleo cookbook from your local bookstore today or you can download recipes from the Internet.

Find a Paleo Buddy

People have said that weight loss goals can be easily met if you share your determination with a friend. Try to meet other people who are into Paleo dieting. Exchange tips on how you can both meet your goals of losing weight.

Discover other essentials for losing weight through Paleo Dieting today.

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