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The Paleo Diet and the Glycemic Index

In many websites that provide information on the Paleo Diet, a term that you would often hear mentioned is Glycemic Index or GI.  What is the Glycemic Index?  The Glycemic measures the amount of carbohydrates that you consume and what specific effects these carbs would have on the blood sugar level of your body. Carbs […]

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Scrumptious Paleo Diet Recipes for You to Try

There is a diet that has yet to catch the attention of majority of weight watchers, but proponents have been attesting to its effectiveness in promoting both weight loss and good health. We are talking about the Paleo Diet. CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD 300+ Recipe on Paleo Diet The Paleo Diet is short for the […]

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List of Food for Paleo Dieters (Video)

Hey there, I created a quick video and posted it on Youtube listing all sorts of food that can be taken by people who are into Paleo Diet. Check it out below and take notes. Brought to you by this website – paleo diet food list

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